Legion of St. Louis Website: Some More Facts

Despite the political liability, John Sharpe continues to maintain his Legion of St. Louis site. An obvious smoking gun is his booklist (which includes such strange titles as Henry Ford’s International Jew, The New Unhappy Lords, by British neo-fascist A. K. Chesterton, and Judaism’s Strange Gods by anti-Semite Michael A. Hoffman II) and his outrageous 9-11 commentary (part I, II and III), which includes quotes from anti-Semites like Ernst Zündel and Michael Hoffman.

To reiterate, the LSL site was in place in October 2001. The IHS Press site went up no later than November of that same year, demonstrating that while Mr. Sharpe was promoting “Catholic Social Teaching” he was peddling anti-Semitism and neo-fascism with the LSL. As noted on this blog, Derek Holland, veteran British neo-fascist, is a member of the IHS Press board of directors and was openly involved in extremist activities even after IHS Press was founded.

More Legion/extremist connections:

FringeWatch has just located this copy of a Final Conflict NewsEmail dated March 20, 2001 which includes a note posted by LSL (presumably by John Sharpe) which says: “Anyone interested in pursuing this line of thinking further or in just having a chat can contact us at info@legionofstlouis.com.” For those not aware of it, Final Conflict is the racist nationalist skinhead fanzine put out originally by the International Third Position (ITP) and now by its PoliticalSoldier.net spin-off. This connection comes as no surprise since the Legion was affiliated with the same ITP.

Another item of interest is this endorsement of the Legion’s 9-11 commentary by Canadian neo-Nazi Ernst Zündel’s ZGram for September 12, 2001. The fact that the Legion also cross-referenced Zündel’s publications (in his original 9/11 commentary) shows that John Sharpe never hesitated to associate his “Catholic Action apostolate” with extremists.

As discussed in a previous post, the LSL partnered with the ITP’s St. George Educational Trust (noted here and discussed in the Telegraph), selling books like Catholic Action, Uses, Abuses and Excuses, which had the same mailing address as the ITP’s openly racialist and neo-fascist “Legionary Press” outfit.


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