Sungenis Quoting Shamir Quoting Schmitt

Robert Sungenis @ Catholic Apologetics International posts a ‘news alert’ from Israel Shamir on “The Tyranny of Liberalism/Judaism”. Here’s an excerpt:

. . . Armed with Schmitt’s thesis and Bauer’s testimony, we may conclude: the “liberal democracy and human rights” doctrine carried by the US marines across the Tigris and the Oxus is a form of secularised Judaism. Considering the predominance of Jews in mass media and especially among the media lords, it is only natural that the ideology they promote is so close to Jewish heart. Its adepts retain classic Jewish attitudes; and the “uniqueness of Israel” is a tenet of this “non-religious” school, whether in the form of the “unique” Holocaust, or a “unique” attachment to Palestine, or a “unique” love of freedom and diversity. Indeed, while mosques burn in the Netherlands and churches are ruined in Israel, no emotions are stirred up in comparison to those set in motion when graffiti is written on a synagogue wall. The US grades its allies by their attitude towards Jews. The Holocaust Temple [“Museum”] stands next to the White House. Support of the Jewish state is a sine qua non for American politicians. Bauer describes the horror of possible Nazi victory in such telling words: “There would be no Jews, because they would all be annihilated. This would end history as such”. In other words, history in Bauer’s eyes is about Jews. No Jews – no history. The rest of mankind are just sheep devoid of memory and futurity.

Now, I’m not generally opposed to studying Carl Schmitt or other philosophers (Martin Heidegger, for instance) with ideological skeletons in their closet.

But given the fact that Schmitt was a dubious Catholic legal scholar with an active role in the Third Reich, it makes for a curious picture to find him mentioned in an article from a known anti-semite which is in turn promulgated by a Catholic apologist with a known history of obtaining his research from questionable ideological sources.

* * *


Is Robert Sungenis The Anti Semite, The Liar, And The Coward He Makes Himself Appear To Be? asks “Moriel Ministries” — a Jewish Christian Fundamentalist website issues a challenge.

One has only to dig a little deeper into Jewish-Christian relations to counter the author’s conception of Roman Catholic collaboration with the Nazis. A good start would be Henri De Lubac’s Christian Resistance to Anti-Semitism: Memories from 1940-1944. Or look to Darcy O’Brien’s The Hidden Pope, a chronicle of the late John Paul II’s lifelong friendship with his Jewish friend, Jerzy Kluger (the first beneficiary of a private audience upon his election, and who would later play a role in the Vatican’s diplomatic recognition of Israel).

One can only pray that this enraged anti-papist will not limit his impression of Rome and (and the Church’s contemporary attitude toward Jews) to a modern Catholic apologist with a penchant for quoting anti-semites.


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