Upcoming Derek Holland interview with the "Spirit of Chartres Committee"

The “In the Spirit of Chartres” Commmittee announces on their website an upcoming interview (April 1, 2008) with “Derek Holland/D.L. O’huallachain”, on “The Middle East Tragedy from a Catholic, Political, and Historical Perspective: Understanding the Reasoning Behind Mass Murder.”

The “In the Spirit of Chartres Committee” (SPCC) was founded by John Sharpe’s parents, John, Sr. and Judith, in 1998. The committee sponsors two annual events in Phoenix, AZ: a “Spirit of Chartres” Pilgrimage modelled on the annual SSPX event in France and a Catholic Restoration Conference.

Among the books promoted by the SoCC: Andrew Hitchcock’s The Synagogue of Satan, which “provides a chronological account of the invisible world government operating from within the worldwise Jewish community” (Excerpts from the book can be found here), Michael Hoffmann’s Judaism’s Strange Gods, Msgr. Jouin’s The Holy See and the Jews, the notorious forgery The Protocol of Zion, along with the usual roster of books by Fr. Denis Fahey.


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